Looking Forward To A Diaper-Free Existence...Someday


toilet paperWith many areas of  this whole child-rearing thing, I have not had it easy. My kids are terrible sleepers, both nursed like vampires every 15 minutes: Shnook until I cut him off at 19 months– when I was pregnant with Fuzz, and the Fuzz is still going strong, nursing umpteen times a day at his request. I didn’t have a baby who slept through the night without any work, I didn’t have a baby who self-weaned. I hear friends who say their kid “just became too distracted to nurse so she stopped!” and I cock my head like a confused puppy. Wha? How does that happen?

However, I consider myself lucky (so far) in the potty-training department. Shnook was pooping in the potty since he was two and completely out of diapers (daytime) at two and five months.  It was mostly my husband’s effort, with a lot of help from youtube, but really I guess he was ready and that’s all there was to it. He still has the occasional accident, and he still wears training pants at night, but that is 100% due to parental laziness/fear of pulling the plug. 5 out of 6  mornings, he wakes up and it’s dry. We swore we’d do it this summer, but then…never got around to it. By the way, I subscribe to the theory that pull-ups/training pants cause potty training delays. We skipped them altogether during the day.

So, when I read stories like Emily’s about potty training struggles, I feel a little guilty…until I think that probably, their kids slept through the night at twelve weeks. Then, I feel better.

My sympathies go out to you if your kid didn’t sleep AND you have potty training struggles.

I’m hoping Fuzz will be an easy trainer too, but only time will tell.

Like my own struggles with sleep, it’s good to be able to laugh about them, like in this post on Babble Voices by Samantha Bee and Allana Harkin. Give it a read, when you get a chance. You just might pee your own pants.

Photo Credit: Flickr/David Blackwell