Mathematical Mom Problems


A few days ago, I came across a post called “Hipster Logic Problems” and figured it would be the perfect post to re-write with moms in mind.

Instead of indie rock band woes and L train issues, I’m talking about tinkertoys and minivans.

Because REALLY. Who’s got better problem-solving skills than moms?

1. Mealtime Predicament

A mother cooks 1 protein, 1 vegetable and 1 starch for dinner at 5pm. By 5:30pm, 3 kids and 1 husband are seated at the table. By 5:35pm, 2 kids have rejected the protein while all 3 kids have rejected the vegetable and 0 kids have rejected the starch. By 5:40pm, 2 parents are cleaning 25 discarded pieces of food off the floor. At what time does mom finally get to eat?

2. Bedtime Dilemma

A child requests 5 books to read before bedtime. Mom agrees to read 3 books. After 3 books have been read, child asks for 2 more books. Mom says ‘no’ 5 times. After 15 minutes of whining and 5 minutes of crying, puting them 30 minutes past bedtime, Mom finally agrees to read 1 more book. How likely is the child to choose the longest book on the shelf?

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