May I Introduce Little Bean

Taken Feb 29 playing with Ball Popper. 🙂

For my first post here on Toddler Times I thought I’d take a moment to introduce Evan, AKA Little Bean. Side Note: I’m one of those Blogging Mommas that doesn’t like to saturate the internet with his real name all the time. I don’t want him to grow up, google himself and then never speak to me again. Although, that will probably happen regardless.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to give a little history about him and us as a way to kick off our posts. Here goes nothing…

  • First Picture 1 of 13
    First Picture
    And really when I started calling him "Little Bean." I was very excited after changing my mind about a second child and then a heartbreaking miscarriage.
  • Staying Active 2 of 13
    Staying Active
    I ran and walked a lot during pregnancy. That's me and Big Brother at a 5K when I was 6 months pregnant with Little Bean
  • 33 Weeks 3 of 13
    33 Weeks
    I had a healthy pregnancy overall. Little Bean was right on target.
  • 4 Days Before My Water Broke 4 of 13
    4 Days Before My Water Broke
    I was still vlogging the pregnancy and thinking I had at least 3 weeks to go. My first was induced late.
  • Induced Anyway 5 of 13
    Induced Anyway
    Even though my water broke I still had to be induced. My body wasn't going into labor on its own. I demanded to be portable. I wanted to walk this time instead of being stuck in bed for 12 hours.
  • Little Bean… 6 of 13
    Little Bean…
    ...was really little. Just 5 lbs 8 oz he fell right out (literally) I was shocked as my first was 8 lbs 6oz.
  • On the Move 7 of 13
    On the Move
    I'm one of those people who get depressed if I don't get out and about. I started running again a few weeks after giving birth and LIttle Bean and I took daily walks.
  • The Funny Faces 8 of 13
    The Funny Faces
    Little Bean was so little we hardly knew what to do with him. At first there was just a lot of staring and he made the funniest faces. Click here to see them all.
  • His Favorite Thing… 9 of 13
    His Favorite Thing…
    ...was and still is the bath. Click here for more photos
  • Our Adventures 10 of 13
    Our Adventures
    I'm hell bent on raising good eaters and we shared a lot of out initial Baby Food Adventures. Click here to check them out.
  • Crawler 11 of 13
    He learned to crawl Thanksgiving time at 8 months.
  • Active Baby, umm, I mean TODDLER! 12 of 13
    Active Baby, umm, I mean TODDLER!
    Aaack! Say it ain't so! But I know it's true. I have a toddler on my hands. Just look at him rummage through my kitchen!
  • The Future… 13 of 13
    The Future... unknown! However, expect a lot of food posts from me as I said I'm quite obsessed with raising well rounded eaters. My first isn't bad (check out his lunch box for some ideas) even though he's candy obsessed. I'll also post a lot pictures and will be continuing the Wordless Wednesday feature here on Toddler Times that I recently started on Baby's First year, click here to check them out so far.

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