Hi, I'm Molly and I Play an Extrovert on the Internet. Meet My Toddlers!

meet the toddlersHello friends, blog readers, family, trolls,  and oh hey there is my sister! It’s a new day and I’m stoked to be joining the team here at Toddler Times!

Way back in 2011, I was impregnanted and Babble invited me to blog my journey on Being Pregnant.

After the impregnation period resulted in one cute baby, I continued writing about my journey on Baby’s First Year.

So here we are, onto our third Babble blog as we enter the toddler years. I’ve been here for a while with one of my kids and I’ve survived 2 toddlers before that toddler, but before I say anything else that may confuse you – let me do a awkward formal introduction. 

  • Hi, I’m Molly 1 of 6
    Hi, I'm Molly
    Hi, I'm Molly and I play an extrovert on the internet. In real life, I'm an introvert - but hey it's the Internet - let's be all chatty because I'm actually alone and that makes me happy. Odd yes, another odd thing - I can't smile for photos. I blame my mother, so any photo you see of me is most likely exceptionally cheesy. I just like being transparent, I have some other oddities but I'll save those for later.

    Outside of Babble, you can find me blogging at Digital Mom Blog where I chit chat about parenting, technology and mom style.
  • This is my family 2 of 6
    This is my family
    Count them. Go on, I mean every time we go out as a family, I see the eyes doing a mental count of my crew.

    Yes, if you counted 4, you are CORRECT!

    I have 4 kids. Z who is 9. E who is 7. Izaiah who is 2. Zeke who is 1 (well almost, August 3rd is his birthday).

    It's a circus having 4 kids, but we love adventure.
  • The TODDLERS 3 of 6
    Since this is Toddler Times and I'll be talking much about the toddlers in my life, you should get to know these 2.

    Sorry I don't have a more recent photo. The only ones I can find of them together that are somewhat current, they are getting into trouble. IMAGINE THAT.
  • Meet Izaiah 4 of 6
    Meet Izaiah
    Izaiah is 28 months and our third. He defines the word boy and if you could take the Tazmanian Devil and a honey badger together, well you'd get an Izaiah.

    He's hilarious, loves to sing and is learning to love. Without him in our lives, we would be bored.

    Izaiah is in love with his brook, can't sleep without his "ginkie" and can out eat any 2-year-old.
  • This is Zeke 5 of 6
    This is Zeke
    Zeke is almost 1. He is the most chillax kid I know. The only time he cries is when his brother has SEVERELY hurt him or when he has crapped his pants. Lovely, I know - but seriously he is AWESOME.

    Zeke has a fondness for technology and is slightly obsessed with his hair.
  • The Person Responsible for My Kids 6 of 6
    The Person Responsible for My Kids
    Baby Daddy is my husband of 14 years and undeniably the father to all 4 of my kids. He's the love of my life and all things sappy.

So here we are, let’s be friends and figure out how to survive these toddler years together. I’m really not sure how I survived my first 2 kids as toddlers, but I’m pretty sure that this time around is a wee bit harder.

I’ve told me about you, your turn. Tell me about you (drop a URL if you blog!). 

Molly blogs parenting, geekery and technology at


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