Michelle Duggar, My Ovaries Salute You


Everyone has an opinion about Michelle Duggar and her ever-inhabited womb. Personally, I’m too selfish to spend much time thinking about the shoulds or should nots of her reproductive system. I’ve got like Real Housewives reruns to catch up on and stuff.

What I do think about (as a woman who has reproduced two adorable spawn) is how my body would never tolerate such hard work. My body’s lazy like that.

Stefanie Wilder Taylor wrote the piece, Michelle Duggar’s Uterus Resigns here on Babble and I laughed so hard I peed. Yes, I peed. Because I’m a mom with a weak bladder and even weaker pelvic floor muscles.

All this estrogen inspired me to create a slideshow in honor of Michelle Duggar’s strong-like-bull lady parts inspired by my own.

Disclaimer: This post was not intended to be disrespectful in any way to Michelle Duggar. My female plumbing forced me to write this blog post against my will and better judgment.

Spend much time thinking about Michelle Duggar? What are your thoughts?

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