Momma Needs A Break


I love being a momma but there is something so incredibly valuable in time off and getting away. Maybe it’s to a Girl’s Night Out at the local Italian restaurant, or maybe it’s a pedicure on a Saturday afternoon during nap time. Maybe it’s 30 minutes in the gym on Tuesday night after the kids are in bed. Maybe it’s an entire weekend away with your best internet friends in Dallas, Texas.

But I hope you are making “me time” a priority, momma.

So often I am eager to say that I don’t need “me time,” that I’m just fine and I get enough time “off” while I’m at work. After all, I have a cafe and running trails to visit at lunch, so why would I need any other form of down time during the week?  I have to remind myself that those thoughts are a lie. Because even at work, I am needed and prodded and not peeing alone and then I go home and it’s the same.  The glorious, wonderful, exhausting same.

Getting away let’s me recharge. It lets my brain breathe a little and me rest and miss my boys, which is so important. Absence makes the heart fonder until all I remember and ache for is his impish toddler smile, the tantrums and sassy talking-back all forgotten for the moment.

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to board a plane with good friends and spend three days at a social media conference (Blissdom!):

  • It wasn’t easy 1 of 8
    It wasn't easy
    Leaving this little boo was HARD. I didn't exactly dance a jig all the way to the airport - instead, I laid awake almost the entire night before, listening to Harry breathe and wondering how I could survive even three days without him. A momma's heart is a fragile and tough thing, all at once.
  • Good friends 2 of 8
    Good friends
    These are my friends Kate and Carrie. We flew together and it made the $15 overcooked airport burger better.
  • It wasn’t all work 3 of 8
    It wasn't all work
    I learned how to flip/spin/toss a pizza! Turns out I was pretty good at it, too.
  • I was inspired 4 of 8
    I was inspired
    The actual sessions were a little flat, but I walked away feeling recharged in my life, career, and blog. I count that a success.
  • Internet friends are real friends 5 of 8
    Internet friends are real friends
    This is Kacia, aka Coconut Robot. Sometimes it's weird to tell people that my best friends live in my computers, but I think blogs and social media are creating genuine connections across thousands of miles.
  • Taking time for me 6 of 8
    Taking time for me
    Yes, the whole weekend was "me time" but on Saturday night, I headed in early for a glass of wine and movie on Netflix. I knew I needed to go back home rested, rather than tired and hungover from partying. This isn't college, my friends.
  • Ready to get home 7 of 8
    Ready to get home
    By the end of the conference, I was in that "aching to see my toddler" mode. If I could have made the plane go faster, I would have!
  • A good weekend 8 of 8
    A good weekend
    All in all, a perfect way to recharge. Just three days away has me more engaged and patient with my son. I don't know exactly how that works, but it happens. And it's so important.


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