"Mommy, You're Mean!"


I think my heart just broke a little bit.

My little boy told me that I’m mean for the first time.

I didn’t let him have something that he wanted. I didn’t give in to his crying, even when he was throwing a fit. I was feeling like a pretty good parent.

And then he said it.

“Mommy! You’re mean!”

“No, I’m not!” I retorted.  (Like I’m a toddler too, and not his mama.)

“Yes, you are!” he said even more emphatically.

And even though my goal as his mom is not to be his friend, or even to make him happy all the time, it still hurt.

Even though I know that he’s not always going to like me, and as much fun as it is to watch him become more independent, there’s something a little bit sad in loosing the tiny dependent baby who once thought I could do no wrong.

How do you react when your kids say that you’re mean?

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