My Apple Picking Toddlers: A Comparative Look


Apple Picking Then & Now

The obligatory, yearly apple-picking trip. Something I look forward to with perhaps a tad bit too much anticipation. The simple joy that it brings all of us, most of all my toddlers – has turned into a rather charming way for me to document their growth.

Not only as siblings, but as individual little humans who are really starting to develop a true love for agriculture. My only regret this year is that I forgot the memory card in my card reader and only had my iPhone for this year’s pictures. That and I forgot to include myself in any of the pictures. Which is okay, I guess – just so long as I get that Pumpkin Patch family shot in. Then I’m good.

I posted a bunch of pictures from last year and this year, with some side by side comparisons today over on my blog. Come have a gander if you like that sort of thing. I promise some heavy amounts of cute are in store for you. I really do love watching my toddlers grow, however bittersweet.

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