My Brand New Toddler: Fuzzball Walks!

Toddler Baby Walking
Fuzz is on the move!

You knew it would happen.  The little Fuzzball, who, only one year ago was a squishy little hunk of baby, is now a bona fide walker…and you know what that means:

I have TWO TODDLERS now. I mean, I guess one is considered a preschooler but he’s only three, so that counts, right?

Fuzz is also saying a bunch of words: his favorites being: UP!! and “Ana!” (Banana, which is bizarre because he used to hate bananas. Now he can’t get enough of them. I have to draw the line at two per day. Constipation is a bitch, y’all.)

Here’s a cute video of my two whippersnappers learning to operate the door, listening to music, dancing, playing “control tower and airplanes”, and….Walking!! All this without pants! Who needs pants?