My Dream Cruise Vacation

If you could take any cruise with your toddlers, which one would you choose?

I must be a great writer. I must! Because after writing all about cruises for the past few weeks I absolutely convinced myself that a cruise with two toddlers is exactly the kind of vacation this family needs.

Which, like, yeah.  You could’ve knocked me over with a feather if, a couple months ago, you would have told me I’d be raving about taking any kind of vacation with these two little lunatics I live with. Well, three lunatics if you count Serge, which I do.

But I’ll tell you what, I really think cruises are the way to go for parents with young children. So now that I’m all hot and bothered about taking a cruise I really wanted to nail down exactly where I’d want to go. Because we live only a few hours from New York City our options are pretty much endless, seeing as how most all different types of cruises leave from the ports there – with the obvious exceptions of the Alaskan and Hawaiian cruises, of course.

So. If I were to book a cruise tomorrow, where would I go? Are the cobblestone streets of Europe calling my name? Is it a simple New England/Canadian getaway up the East Coast? Or is the Bahama Mama in me longing to lounge in sun, surf and sand?

Well. While I’m feeling up to the task of vacationing with the little ones, I’m not feeling THAT ambitious. Yet. So I’d like to try out the two night getaway cruise that leaves New York. Not only is the drive to NYC just a few hours (no airplane with little kids!) but the cruise is super affordable and if, for some reason, we find that cruising just ain’t our thang, well, it’s just two nights! It’s kind of like a sample cruise, you know? If we do well on this one maybe we’ll graduate to bigger and better cruises, but for first-timers with little kids, I think this is just the ticket.

What about you? If you could take any cruise anywhere – with your little ones – which one would you choose?

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