My Fearless Little Fish and Her First Fountain Trip


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One of my favorite things about my daughter is her fearlessness (which she absolutely didn’t get from me). I know toddlers in general aren’t of the “look before you leap” variety, but still…after spending time around other kids her age, I can still say confidently that she is definitely a bit more adventurous than the typical toddler. She has never experienced stranger anxiety, she propels herself down the twisty “big kid slide” without a moment’s hesitation and is a master of the trust fall.

So, it shouldn’t have surprised me when I took her to play in a water fountain recently that as soon as her shoes were off, she was racing headlong into the water. People kept stopping to ask me “Is that your child?!” with surprise and endearment as she raced in and out of the spray with wild abandon and excitement.

Here’s a little story I put together of this sweet memory using the new Disney Story App

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