My Toddler Eats Three Breakfasts...Does Yours?


pancakes with butter and syrupEver since my toddler started eating solid food, breakfast has been the easiest meal to feed him. He likes almost all breakfast foods we have to offer, and most days, he wants it all.

But it’s not only about eating it, it’s the ritual of the preparation which is so important to him.

Breakfast #1  starts with Daddy and Shnook preparing cereal and milk. It varies which kind,  but he’s fond of O’s (from Trader Joe’s) and Puffins, and he likes granola too. If it’s Trader Joe’s O’s, then he must help pour the cereal, a little honey on top and the milk.

Breakfast #2 is usually half of Daddy’s English muffin with jam and butter and some banana.

Then Shnook wakes me up demanding gummy vitamins and followed by Breakfast #3.  This is either oatmeal with blueberries and strawberries or toast with almond butter, more bananas and cinnamon.

Then we make his lunch for school, where he usually ends up eating at least part of each thing I put in his lunchbox.  A few grapes, a couple of crackers, a cheese stick. I have to draw the line at opening the yogurt.

Finally, he gets to school between 9 and 9:30. Luckily, they have snack at 9:45. Otherwise, my kid might starve.

Does your kid eat a ton in the morning?

Photo Credit: Flickr/jeffreyw