My Toddler Has a Drinking Problem

juice houndSee that face right there? Girl is a serious juice-a-holic! Not that we give her lots of juice, but she asks for it constantly.

When we do give her apple juice, it’s organic and heck yes – it’s watered down.

Most of you probably know how I feel about the evils of sugar.

The drama that ensues if I don’t fulfill her wish demand for a beverage meets that of the nails on a chalkboard-esque feeling.

Not music to my ears. Not matter how much I love her little pipsqueak voice.

Now water. I have no problem giving her water all the live long day. Water is GOOD for her. Vital for so many reasons, as stated on the Baby Centre website…

  • maintain body temperature by sweating

  • remove waste in the urine

  • move nutrients throughout the body.

In addition, good hydration helps children to:

  • maintain a healthy weight
  • improve concentration
  • reduce the risk of chronic disease.

It also helps to reduce common problems like constipation and urinary tract infections.

Oh, and her drinks? Well.

They must, absolutely MUST at all times be in her ‘Bear-Bear’ cup. Otherwise known as Lotso from Toy Story. Oh my word, but she loves that cup. She carries it around with her everywhere and throws it all over the place and smashes it into things and gives her myriad of baby-dolls and plush friends sips from it. (As one does.) Because, FUN! Wheeee! THE BEST!

Which, in the mere 3 weeks since I bought and gave it to her, has resulted in it’s demise. Leaks all over the place. Mommy not like. Did I go to the Disney Store looking for another replica sippy to replace her BFF cup? Yes. Am I sucker? Perhaps.

Sippy cups are the bain of my existence. They never last long and I gave up wondering why they were so ill constructed. I faced the cold hard truths. Toddlers wreak havoc. They tend to wear things down faster than a herd of flying monkeys.

No purple Lotso bear cups were to be found. No bueno. I’ve searched high and low on-line and it I’m not paying a ridiculous amount on Ebay for a dang cup for my kid. It may just be the time to face the fact that I have to toss that mess-making cup out and take her out to choose another one that I can only hope she will accept and adore, or face the wrath.

Clearly, we are a family who could care less about forgoing the convenience of giving our little ones sippy cups; pretty sure they are developing just fine. We had Wyndham using a regular cup by the time he was 2 1/2 and will likely do the same with Abby. Sometimes though? Sometimes he gets a big boy sippy. Like in the car, or when we’re out and about.

For now though, for now my youngest is wreaking havoc with her drinking problem and affinity for seemingly rare, limited edition sippy cups. Woe is me.

First world problems, I know.

How Much Should a Toddler Drink Anyways?


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