Shifting Perspective --- My Toddler Is A Giant!


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Today, I introduced my newborn, Kara, to the readers on Baby’s First Year.

I knew that it would be a bit of a shock to have a wrinkly little newborn in my arms again, but what I didn’t realize was that the way in which I see my toddler was going to shift so dramatically.

Before I went into the hospital to give birth to Kara, I kissed my sweet, seemingly little 2-year-old Evan goodbye. When I saw him again in just a couple short days, I didn’t see the same tiny little toddler in front of me. My perspective had shifted so dramatically that I had a hard time coping with what I was seeing before me.

I saw a big kid. A really big kid. Big head, big eyes, big nose, thick adult hair and long lanky limbs.

Combine this visual shift with some raging hormones and a good dose of guilt, and I felt bewildered. I was so worried that my first baby was going to have a problem adjusting that I just wanted to cry when I looked at him.

I know that Evan is still only 2-years-old, and that he is a baby in many ways, but wow. I can’t help but notice the stark differences between him and our new baby, and the whole thing is just a little overwhelming for me.

Did your view of your other children shift after bringing home a new baby?

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