My Toddler: The Blogger

He WILL be a blogger!

I am fully convinced my middle son is going to be my tech kid. Between blogging, social media… any kind of technology that has to do with what I actually do for a living, and he is going to be there.

One of his Christmas present’s last year was a toddler laptop, which quickly became his favorite toy in the house, this year he is loving the InnoTab. Well needless to say it has become a centerpiece for some hysterical conversations with a two year old.

Yes, full on conversations.

Like two nights ago, I was doing some work while my husband got Addison ready for bed, and Ben grabs his InnoTab, and says:

Gotta go bloggin’, Mommy I got work to do!

Two lines I frequently use in our house. And when I heard him say it, I almost pissed myself laughing… literally.

Blogging he obviously knows because it is my job, and something my husband and I discuss almost daily… and then there was the whole I got work to do, which is another line I use. Whether it is talking to my husband, my mother… whoever.

I would love it at least one of my kids followed in my footsteps, but do you really think that my two year old is going to continue to be interested in what I actually do for another two decades?

Do you have a toddler that is into technology already?