My Toddler's Strange New Friend

Is this love?

It’s winter, and we’re feeling it. We haven’t seen the sun in weeks, and I can’t remember the last time I took a walk outside. We get out as much as possible, but we’re still going a bit stir-crazy. We’re in desperate need of new indoor entertainment.

Cullen’s toys have all been rejected and are collecting dust in various brightly colored bins – just begging for someone to play with them. Even the mixing bowls and wooden spoons have lost their appeal. So you see, I’m getting desperate. I am searching for new forms of entertainment wherever I can find them. My standards have gone way down, and I’m not even very picky anymore.

So it was a totally awesome surprise when I did a little light housework yesterday and discovered that Cullen’s new best friend has been waiting under the console table all this time. Meet Neato – robot vacuum, and babysitter extraordinaire. Cullen is obsessed.

I usually run Neato when we’re out of the house or sleeping, since I don’t want to get in his way. So Cullen hasn’t had too many opportunities to see him in action since we got him a few months ago. I needed to do some spot cleaning after nap time yesterday, so I pressed that glorious green button and watched him dance and clean our floors with vigor. Cullen followed his every move, never more than a few feet behind him. It’s a cautious friendship – he makes sure he never actually gets touched, but he can’t take his eyes off the vacuum.

The only downside? Cullen loves Neato so much that now he wants to press the green button over and over and over again. Poor Neato cleaned the same four foot square many times today. And for those who might ask – yes, he does a great job vacuuming, in addition to entertaining my toddler.

Now, if only he was this enthused by scrubbing toilets!

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