My Total Easter Fail

We didn't have Easter baskets, but at least I had some Easter books!
We didn’t have Easter baskets, but at least I had some Easter books!

Please indulge me — I’m having a major guilt trip. My Facebook wall is littered with pictures of babies and toddlers hunting for eggs, eating holiday brunches, and sitting on bunnies. Our holiday festivities? Lunch at Qdoba and a walk to the playground. Ho hum.

We’ve been traveling for two weeks, and spent all day yesterday driving and flying home to Seattle. While I definitely had good intentions and didn’t exactly forget Easter, I just didn’t get it together for us to properly celebrate. Weeks ago, before we left town, I had the foresight to order a few new Easter books and puzzles for Cullen, but I never got a basket or put anything together in an artful arrangement filled with fake grass and chocolate eggs.

I stumbled down the steps this morning, delirious from our early wakeup (due to my son remaining in the wrong time zone), and quickly remembered that it was Easter morning. So instead of Cullen being greeted by a colorful basket and chewy peeps, instead he watched me tear open boxes that arrived while we were gone, and unwrap a few puzzles from their plastic coating. Not exactly worth photographing and posting for Facebook fame. It felt pathetic.

We actually had a ton of stuff we needed to get done today, as we are going into a really busy week. As we drove around running errands, I saw families heading into church, dining on patios for brunch, and all dressed in their holiday finest. I am seriously one of the biggest holiday fanatics ever, and I’m honestly just really disappointed in myself for not pulling it together, despite the circumstances. As a kid, I can remember amazing Easter celebrations put on by my mom, and I’m bummed I didn’t even muster up a fraction of that.

It is too late to redeem this Easter, and there will be no commemorative photo of Cullen in bunny ears (or maybe I will take one tomorrow…), but it was a good lesson in parenting that I will definitely remember. Life happens, schedules are crazy, and parents get tired. And while things don’t have to be perfect, it is always worth it to take a few extra steps to make something like a holiday feel special.

Next year, there will be baskets.  And eggs, and chicks, and chocolates. And probably books and puzzles too, but Cullen won’t have to watch me rip them from their packaging next time. The Easter bunny will have taken care of that for me, and hopefully he’ll save me a few extra chocolate eggs to reward my hard work.

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