New Baby Smell For Your Toddler


New Baby Smell For Your ToddlerWe all love that new baby smell…it is one that cannot be matched even though a ton of companies have tried to replicate it. That said, Noodle & Boo comes pretty darn close.

I’m a total brand loyalist when it comes to bath products for my daughter. The very first baby wash I ever bought was Aveeno, so now that Fern isn’t really a baby anymore, I find myself attached to the smell from her newborn days and I continue to buy it, because it’s basically like a bottled up version of my teeny tiny baby. Is that weird? Probably, but I digress. My point was that Noodle & Boo recently sent us a couple of their products to try out and though I was skeptical that anything could compare to my beloved Aveeno baby wash, I must say I really loved their products.

We tried their Essential Care Kit and Fern loved the body wash when we used it as bubble bath and I adored the smell. We also tried the Ultimate Cleansing Cloths which are great for a quick toddler wipe down on the nights in between baths. They have that same great “new baby smell” of the other products too, which thankfully works wonders for covering up the stinky dog smell that Fern likes to rub all over herself by way of snuggling incessantly with our German Shepherd Marley.

I probably won’t give up on my standby baby wash completely if only for nostalgic purposes, but Noodle & Boo’s products will definitely be making their way into our bath time routine on the regular. Because who doesn’t want their rough and tumble toddler to smell like a baby sometimes?


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