Newsflash: Snoring Linked to Behavioral Problems in Toddlers

Well, according to this study by Dean Beebe of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, children who snore are more likely to have behavioral problems.  Beebe followed 249 children from birth to three years old, studying health habits of the children, which included reports on snoring at two and three years of age.

“Snoring can disrupt the quality of sleep, and a tired toddler has a much lower tolerance for frustration. When you add chronicity to the problem, over time, that lack of sleep sets up negative interactions within the toddler’s environment, which may change the way they respond,” Beebe explained. “This is a developing brain. The connections that are made and retained are about their experiences. A lack of sleep could fundamentally alter those experiences.” –US News

Factors taken into consideration?  Race, socioeconomic status, exposure to tobacco smoke, and breastfeeding.

Findings?  That kids who snore don’t differ in motor skills, but tend to be more hyperactive and depressed.

But while yes, snoring disrupts sleep and that can definitely lead to a hyperactive kid (hello, I think we have all experienced an over-tired toddler and it is not fun!), they did not take into consideration the possibility of skewed oxygen levels from the snoring or whether a physical health issue caused the snoring, like enlarged adnoids or tonsils.

Um, okay. ::makes McKayla Maroney is not impressed face::  Is it just me, or do you feel that the more these studies come out to tell us how/why/when our child will suck at life, they’re completely unobjective?

My kid snores.  Not loudly, but enough that I can hear him when he’s asleep and I’m awake in the same room.  But he’s a good kid.  He has his basic I’m-a-tired-toddler routine at the end of the day, but he’s obedient and happy 99% of the time.  He slept 12 hours last night and woke up rested.  So another thumbs down from me on a study to make parents wonder what’s going on with their kid.  I think I’ll stick to my gut, thank you.  (and call an ENT).

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Beth Anne writes words & takes pictures on The Heir to Blair. You can also find her on the Twitters & Facebook.


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