Next Stop: The Masters? Toddler Golfs Like a Champion (VIDEO)

Golf baby
He’s coming for you, Tiger

Lots of parents think their kids are the next great something. Whether it’s art, writing, singing or sports, they have stars in the their eyes when it comes to their offspring, as they should — after all, every kid deserves to have people in their lives who think they can do no wrong.

One family, however, just might be right. At least as it applies to their 17-month-old son and his golf-playing ability. It’s hard to know if a child that young really has what it takes.

That is, it’s hard to know until you watch the video of this toddler hitting some golf balls in a basement. Then you just kind of get that he might actually be onto something, and that someday that something will include a green blazer hanging in his closet.

Take a look:

Source: BuzzFeed

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