Not-So-Smooth Reporter Makes Sweet Little Toddler Burst Into Tears Live on the Air (VIDEO)

KDVR reporter Dan Daru
Nice job, dude

There are things that most people in polite society think but do not say. That is because most people in polite society have an edit function in their brain and know how to use it.

Dan Daru, a reporter at Fox affiliate KDVR in Denver, is apparently lacking that edit function in his brain. We know this because he made a toddler cry live on the air by cracking jokes about the little boy’s hair.

Fortunately the toddler is also without an edit function and let Dan know exactly what he thought of Dan’s weak attempt at an apology.

Take a look (the first video shows the toddler crying, the second video shows the toddler’s revenge):


Photo & first video credit: YouTube

Second video credit: KDVR

Source: New York Daily News

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