Not The First Word I Was Hoping For

Don’t even think about it.

We have been waiting and waiting, listening and labeling, hoping to hear that elusive first word.  Cullen babbles and talks all day long – sometimes even in what sounds like full sentences – just not in a language that we understand.

He talks a lot, but his noises aren’t consistent.  We’re still holding out for that pfffft sound that means dog, or some such thing.  He does know a few signs – mostly more and all done.   It’s fun to communicate with him after a year of just talking at him.

But recently, he has discovered a new way to communicate.  Not quite a word, but he definitely knows how to get his message across…

Head shaking.  Back and forth and back and forth, all day long.  Eat your breakfast?  Shakes his head – no way, mom.  Want to put your coat on?  Forget about it.  Can mommy have a kiss?  I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.

I kind of hoped he’d start with something like mama, dog, or banana.  I wasn’t expecting NO.  But that is definitely his newest tool, and he isn’t afraid to use it.  He shakes his head all day long, thrilled with his new ability to communicate his preference.  I keep trying to shake my head yes, hoping that will catch on soon.

In the mean time, I’ll keep offering food that is rejected, suggesting books that are discarded, and singing songs that are apparently not funny anymore.

Hello, toddlerhood – not sure I was quite ready for you.