Mama and me watching the rain.

He likes to be naked.

He likes his binky.

He likes to roam around the backyard (naked) while Dad mows the lawn.

He likes to read books. “Buck, Mama, buck!” He’ll say as he presents me with a book and tries to wiggle into my lap, regardless of what I happen to be doing. And yes, his pronunciation of “buck” rhymes with that other word that is spelled almost exactly the same way.

Tell Henry thank you and he’ll respond with a hearty “Wekkum!” In fact, if you are so impolite as to not thank him he will shower you with wekkums until you thank him.

He goes to bed every single night at 7pm on the dot and sleeps until 8am without bothering a soul. He’s such an excellent sleeper, in fact, that when he is heard stirring around in his crib Mom and Dad race to his room because they want to be the first to greet him.

This boy. Oh, this boy. He is just so deliciously devilicious. He’s into everything. Always up to something. A wild man, a maniac, a sweetheart.

Here is a peek at the life and times of Hank The Tank throughout the month of July:

  • Just Another Day Around The Way 1 of 25
    Just Another Day Around The Way
    I spend a lot of time hanging around on our porch with my family.
  • Thunder!!! 2 of 25
    We especially like being on the porch when it rains. Sometimes the thunder scares me but Mom made up a funny song about the thunder that makes me laugh. Now, when it rains, I get excited and shout "It's raining! It's raining!" and we all go sit on the porch and cheer on the thunder.
  • Just Hanging Around 3 of 25
    Just Hanging Around
    Sometimes I do things my family doesn't understand. I like hanging halfway off Mom and Dad's bed like this too. Sometimes I'll even watch whole episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in this position. Mom laughs and laughs.
  • Guy Smiley 4 of 25
    Guy Smiley
    Mom says this here twinkle in my eye pretty much captures my personality.
  • Casual Hank 5 of 25
    Casual Hank
    Here, go ahead and check me out from another angle. You know you want to!
  • Henry, Get Down! 6 of 25
    Henry, Get Down!
    Mom pretty much tells me to "Get down" a couple dozen times a day. I don't really listen, though.
  • Pardon Me 7 of 25
    Pardon Me
    I'm a little hungry. Don't tell Mom I'm on the table again.
  • You Caught Me! 8 of 25
    You Caught Me!
    Oops, sorry Mom!
  • Maniac 9 of 25
    Mom calls me a maniac a lot too.
  • Who Me? 10 of 25
    Who Me?
    But I'm not really a maniac, I just like to have a good time.
  • Grandma’s Boy 11 of 25
    Grandma's Boy
    Grandma came for a visit in early July.
  • Beach Time 12 of 25
    Beach Time
    She helped me build a sandcastle at the lake. It was awesome.
  • Water Boy 13 of 25
    Water Boy
    We go to the lake a lot. I like to march into the water and would probably keep right on going to the middle of the lake if Mom didn't keep dragging me back.
  • Punk Rock 14 of 25
    Punk Rock
    Mom came to get me up from my crib one time and saw this jewel stuck to my ear. It came off a project my sister made at school but Mom and Dad got such a kick out of my new earring they left it there for two days.
  • Elton John Wannabe 15 of 25
    Elton John Wannabe
    I am not afraid to wear pink.
  • Ice Cream For Everyone 16 of 25
    Ice Cream For Everyone
    I'm still working on my spooning skillz but the cat hopes I never get better.
  • Gwasses! 17 of 25
    I broke Mom's glasses after trying to get the dog to wear them.
  • The Professor 18 of 25
    The Professor
    But I think it was worth it, don't you?
  • No Pictures, Please! 19 of 25
    No Pictures, Please!
    Very rarely do I get upset, but when I do, boy, look out!
  • Handsome Devil 20 of 25
    Handsome Devil
    Most of the time I'm happy as can be.
  • Sisser 21 of 25
    My sister likes to hit me when no one is looking, but I still love her.
  • Mama 22 of 25
    I don't really know who this person is because the Mom I know never combs her hair or wears make-up.
  • Porch Swing 23 of 25
    Porch Swing
    We spend a lot of time right here on this swing.
  • Binky 24 of 25
    I really love my binky and if Mom doesn't bring it with me to bed I will stand at my crib and shout for one until someone brings it to me. Binky. Binky? Binky! Binky! BINKY. BINKY. BINKY. BINKY. BINKY?!!
  • I Stuck! 25 of 25
    I Stuck!
    Even though I look pretty handsome in these overalls I don't like them. Whenever Mama puts them on me I wiggle like a maniac and pull at the straps and tell her I stuck! I stuck Mama! I stuck! I stuck! I have learned that if I do this long enough Mama eventually gets tired of it and takes them off me. I pretty much like to be naked at all times. Who doesn't?

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