On Hiring a Babysitter for NYE

last year…

Just wondering…exactly how does one go about doing that? For the past 3 years we’ve attended family-friendly affairs (depending on one’s perspective I suppose).

While we loved welcoming the New Year with our babies, we’re thinking this year, well maybe this year we want to do it kid-free. The only problem is…who the heck baby-sits on said big night? Definitely not our regular most awesome babysitter. He’s going to the same party we would like to attend.

Now, this party that I speak of, we could bring our little ones with us…it’s the same party we’ve attended for years, the same one we’ve brought them to since they were born. An epic menagerie of adults and their kids ranging in every. Single. Age. Amazing food. Lots of live music. A time spent together with some friends we don’t see very often, and we milk it into a 2 or 3 day affair. Sleepovers and lazing about and noshing and movies and video games and cuddling.

Like I said. Not for everyone. Clearly what I’ve just described is rowdy as all get out. Did I really just use that term? Oh well. It is. A scene of which – we love. We’re social peeps. We like the rowdy. All of the children…they look forward to this gathering every year – what kid wouldn’t? All of the people they love doing all the very best things combined with sleepovers? Pure magic.

But that’s the older kids. Mama and Pappa with young babies, maybe not so much. We’ve made it work, the past 3 years with the babes in tow – and it was worth it, to all be together. I usually ended up crashing on or before midnight with the kids – clearly that’s the only way they’d go (and stay) asleep. Last year Wyndham danced and ate and played and partied his little toddler butt off and rang in the New Year like a pro. He and I promptly passed out with the sleeping little Abby in the guest room we were all sharing.

But it wasn’t easy. At that point all Wyndham wanted to do was continue to party. Clearly delirium had set in and we all know how that goes with toddlers. Being too far away to pack it all in and drive home, I stayed the course and read all the stories and sang all the songs and he eventually passed out. Wasn’t a ton of fun for me, but hey – that’s parenting right? It was our bright idea to bring our little darlings, so.

I have a couple of options that we’re considering, but I’m seriously wondering what you all with toddlers do! Do you just stay home as a family and do it up? Do you hire a stranger that you’ve interviewed and had come over a few times before-hand? Do you hire an au pair for the evening (what we’re thinking of doing) that will take the kids to bed and wake up with them? Are you lucky enough to have family or grandparents who are done with partying on NYE (that wouldn’t be us)…what is it? Am I being a dolt here? Should I just be hanging in with my fam-jam because that’s the way life is and should be at this stage of the game?

I’m looking to be schooled here friends. Tell this mama what’s up.


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