On My Toddler Starting Kindergarten


Unless we want to pay for Montessori until grade one, or for an alternate private school, it looks like we have to enroll our guy into a school that’s not giving us a great vibe.

We were thinking about the Montessori route a while back ago, but we found an amazing public school a few blocks away from us. Walking distance.

The only problem is that there is another one a mere 2 blocks away. Which means the other one we love is technically out of our jurisdiction.

What’s our issue with the one in our jurisdiction? Initially it was just one of those environments that left a person feeling uninspired. There is not much of a green play-space or jungle-gym to speak of. It’s pretty hurting in that regard.

When you enter the school, you are met with mostly white walls and not much art-work; no signs of school-life or school spirit to speak of.

It doesn’t help that when we were in our first meet and greet, we couldn’t help but overhear that a child had gone missing and they had exhausted all avenues in trying to find her. They couldn’t reach the parents and were about to call the police. Fate seemingly intervened and the tardy student breezed in with her friend.

It seems they made a few stops on their way to to school. Not my business. What was my business however, was the way they talked about that girl and her parents as soon as the student was out of ear-shot.

Listen. I know being a teacher can be thankless. Being a school secretary perhaps even more-so. I know kids can be impossible and challenging and some families have some serious stuff going on. But having a job like that means that you constantly strive towards following some code of conduct. Some integrity…? Oh I don’t know. All I know is that is sounded pretty light and care-free the way they tore down that young girl and her family. Almost natural and regular. It certainly didn’t seem like a foreign or rare way for them to behave. They clearly knew we were within earshot and made no attempts to make their conversation private, behind a closed door. Unprofessional in the very least, no?

When I compare this experience and the general impression that school environment gave me with our recent visit to the awesome school (that’s just what we’re gonna call it), the choice is clear. Except I don’t have a choice. Which I understand, I suppose – there has to be some order. If parents were to just enroll their children willy-nilly into whatever school they wanted, things wouldn’t work very well on a larger scale. I get that.

Our best friends’ son goes to the favoured school of choice and it is rumoured to be one of the best elementary schools in the city.

the best I can give himIn my small world, I want to provide the best for my children just like most other parents. In particular for my son as he embarks on this academic and social journey. It is most definitely a hard pill to swallow; to place one’s child in a learning and care-taking environment that they don’t feel good about.

So I ask you, dear readers, a question that may already be popping into your heads. Why don’t we, you know, put a different address on the forms and enroll him in the better school? Now, I’m going to be honest – the thought didn’t even cross my mind until one of our kids’ preschool teachers brought it up.

Apparently, this sort of thing is common. Parents do it all time when they feel they are left with no choice. The school never even checks is what we’ve been told.

We were also given some other advice on how to fill out our ‘application’ to better our chances of being accepted into a school out of jurisdiction. But there’s no guarantee and we wouldn’t find out till September.  You know, mere days before our son is supposed to start school and not having a clue which one he’ll be going to. No meet and greet for him in the Spring.

Just UGH.

What would you do? (Keep in mind this beautiful boy.)

beautiful boy


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