On The Benefits Of Being The Second-Born

baby eating lollipop
Which kind of bad mom am I?

Fuzz is now parading towards sixteen months, and his vocabulary is expanding daily. Of note, he (adorably) says “All Gone,” when he finishes his food and “Back Pack” when he wants to put on his brother’s.

Then there’s this: “AaaaDAT!”

Or to you and me: “I want that. Right now. Not tomorrow. Not later. RIGHT. NOW.”

This may often be followed by ear-piercing shrieks if his requests are dismissed or ignored. So, when his brother gets stuff, he wants it, too.

Our neighbors were over and we were having a special dinner, followed by a treat. So lollipops were passed out to the big kids.


Fuzz is now at an age where he notices that his stuff is often a little different than his brother’s stuff, and it’s not flyin’ anymore.


So, do I deny him the lollipop because I think he shouldn’t have sugar and then, in turn, also deny him the pleasure of doing what the big kids do? I’m just not sure what kind of bad mom I should be in this instance.

You can see from the picture which route I chose.

Does your young toddler know what he’s missing?

What would you do?

FYI, not that this makes it any better, but they’re “organic lollipops” with cane sugar.



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