Our First Music Class

Cullen loves to help daddy play the guitar!

Whenever people ask me what Cullen is into I always say the same thing — “Oh he LOVES music!” And then I’m usually told that all babies his age tend to love music. Which is probably true, but I’m telling you, this kid really really loves music. When he was six or seven months old, we bought him a little tambourine, and he loved to bang, bang, bang on it with his little wooden drumstick.

His instrument collection has expanded a bit since then. We’re the proud owners of a music table, a xylophone, maracas, cymbals, and many shaker bottles. By far, his favorite thing is listening to actual music through the TV speakers. His favorite band is Mumford & Sons (no, really) and he bounces and dips to the beat whenever it comes on. It’s hilarious and awesome.

We do a lot of singing and dancing at home, but as Cullen gets older I’m realizing we need to have more structured, regular activity in our days. So yesterday, we headed to our first music class. We did a toddler class at Gymboree, and as expected, Cullen loved it.

There was a mix of ages there – from 16 to 28 months – but all the kiddos interacted well together. Or I guess I should say, they didn’t interact with each other at all, which is pretty typical for this age. They danced around each other, pounded on the drum, and shook their shakers with delight. It was a lot of fun, and a great way for me and Cullen to spend a rainy morning.

I’m already looking into going again, and am thinking about signing up for a month of classes coming up. If I have a future musician on my hands, I need to nurture his interests, right?

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