Our Morning Marathon


Three children, two different schools, three different schedules and one parent makes for nothing short of chaos in the morning. I thought once the boys were back in school it would make our routine a little easier, but I was totally wrong.

I guess it is just something I should get used to though. Because we have a long road of these mornings for the next 17+ years, considering Addie is only a whopping seventeen months old.

I know y’all can relate though. Dragging kids out of bed, breakfast or should I call that portion of the morning force feeding? Then getting everyone dressed, making sure this one is in the potty or that one has a clean diaper. Then there is chasing Ben making sure he isn’t trying to empty his own potty and pour pee all over my bathroom. Oh yes, the joys of motherhood before 8 a.m.

My friends without kids call these types of posts birth control.

Brace yourself!

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