Our Week in Instagram

It has been a couple weeks since I did a “Our Week in Instagram” post and I figured since I took a ton of pictures in the past week, it is due!

In the past week we visited great local parks, had outings to Grandma’s house, and of course we took the children on their first trip to New York City.

I am also pretty impressed with the newest upgrades to Instagram, but that is a whole post for another day at this point time.

This also includes a couple photographs from the 9/11 Memorial which is now open. Thankfully my friend Heiddi who met us in NYC informed us that we needed tickets before we got down there, because they were turning a lot of people away.

Without any further adieu, our family in Instagram photographs for the past week!


  • Just Me and My Bear 1 of 20
    Just Me and My Bear
    Addie has decided now that she wants to sleep on a life-sized bear (well her size) every night. I snapped this picture during nap time and just loved it!
  • My Boys 2 of 20
    My Boys
    I can never ever get them to take a nice picture, so Monday evening when I snapped this before we headed out to softball, it was like a motherly victory!
  • Playground Time! 3 of 20
    Playground Time!
    When we headed to the playground, this was as much of a smile as I could get out of Ben. Which is pretty usual these days.
  • Addie vs. the Slide 4 of 20
    Addie vs. the Slide
    Every time we went near the slide, she wanted to climb UP the slide instead of using it the right way! Typical toddler, right?
  • He Plays Hard 5 of 20
    He Plays Hard
    Nine times out of ten, Ben will not take a nap anymore. Well by dinner time most days, he will fall asleep sitting up somewhere in the house. I had to catch a picture of this one because he was so into his monster trucks, and a minute later he was out like a light!
  • New Do 6 of 20
    New Do
    Addie's hair is now long enough that I can make little mini buns for pig tails. I love having fun with her hair!
  • He Smiled! 7 of 20
    He Smiled!
    One morning when I was in Addison's bedroom getting her ready for the day, Ben actually smiled for a picture. Which is a huge rarity these days!
  • Bubbles! 8 of 20
    Our neighbor had their bubble machine out over the weekend, so all the kids took their shirts off and ran through the bubbles. It make a great game, and it was of course adorable to watch!
  • She Loves Her! 9 of 20
    She Loves Her!
    We have an ongoing joke with my aunt from New York, that Addie hates her. Last summer when she visited for a week, Addie cried EVERY time she would pick her up. This summer ... all smiles!
  • First Train Ride 10 of 20
    First Train Ride
    I snapped this picture while we were waiting for the train for the kids first train ride into New York City.
  • Funny Faces 11 of 20
    Funny Faces
    About a half hour into the trip, everything I had brought to keep them entertained on the train became old and boring. So we had to improvise! Funny faces!
  • Sleeping on the Train 12 of 20
    Sleeping on the Train
    Ben knocked out a couple minutes after the funny face picture. I looked back over next to me and he was out like a light!
  • Toddler in an ERGO 13 of 20
    Toddler in an ERGO
    The ERGO baby carrier is the best invention EVER! I was able to wear Ben around the city once his little legs were tired of walking around. AMAZING!
  • Addie on the Subway 14 of 20
    Addie on the Subway
    I snapped this of Addison on her first ride on the subway, which was also Mommy's first ride on the subway.
  • 9/11 Memorial 15 of 20
    9/11 Memorial
    Since my husband is a fireman, he wanted to visit the 9/11 Memorial. It wasn't open yet the last time we were in the city together. This is the family picture we took with the North Tower reflection pool in the background. The entire experience was very touching.
  • With Daddy 16 of 20
    With Daddy
    I snapped this picture when none of them were paying attention. That is the North Tower Reflection Pool in the background.
  • Mommy & Ben 17 of 20
    Mommy & Ben
    This photo was taken with the South Tower Reflection Pool in the background. This was also the only photograph I got without him sticking his tongue out.
  • The North Tower Reflection Pool 18 of 20
    The North Tower Reflection Pool
    I sat looking over the memorial, into the reflection pool and watching all the water flow. It really was an amazing experience as a whole. The grounds really make you stop and think about 9/11 like it was yesterday.
  • Dave & Busters 19 of 20
    Dave & Busters
    We let my husband pick dinner, and he of course chose Dave & Busters in Times Square. Dinner and Games! This is my friend Heiddi who met us in the city and spent the day with us.
  • Going Home 20 of 20
    Going Home
    When we got on the train to head home, the kids were all smiles, even though it was almost 10:30 at night. One last night of fun before school starts! Now back onto a schedule this week!

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