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Potty Training Tips from the Experts: Moms!

By marylweimer |

Potty TrainingWhen I heard that June was National Potty Training Awareness Month, I have to admit that I LOL’d.

Actually, it wasn’t so much as a laugh but a loud, barking HA!, which come to think of it is the same thing I say when my kids tell me that they’ll never ever ask me for another toy in their lives if I just buy them whatever the heck is on their minds at the moment.


So yes, regarding National Potty Training Awareness Month, I’d like to say one thing: I am aware. I don’t think I could be more aware of potty training if I tried. When you have a three year old who refuses to wear Pull Ups but who’s not completely trustworthy in her underwear, you can’t help but be aware.

When you can’t leave the house without stashing a tiny pair of Yo Gabba Gabba undies in your purse, you can’t help but be aware.

When you have a a child who tells all the guests at the fancy dinner party that she just pooped in the potty and isn’t that great? you can’t help but be aware.

For me, if we’re having National Potty Training Awareness Month we should also consider having the following awareness months:

National Whining Awareness Month

National Breathing Air Awareness Month

National I Need to Lose 10 Pounds Awareness Month

And my personal favorite: National Dora the Explorer Scream-Talks Awareness Month.

These moms are aware of potty training, too. They’ve agreed to spread awareness of this parental struggle by offering some expert advice. Some are bloggers. Some are child development experts. But no matter their credentials they’re all professional potty trainers! (We should put that on some type of certificate.)

Share your potty training tips in the comments, and contact me if you’d like to get in on the ground floor of any of those important social causes I’ve listed above. We can organize a rally or something.

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Bloggers and Moms Share Potty Training Tips

Charting Success

The thing that really encouraged my son was his potty chart. Each time he used the pot and actually poo'd or pee'd we gave him a star to stick on his chart. We told him once he filled all the spots we would convert his crib into a big boy bed. That was all the encouragement he needed. He filled his chart, got his big boy bed and continued on with great success. We are trying the same tactic with Olivia and so far she is really into the idea of having a big girl bed. I created a simple chart for her and we will begin the process of filling the 70 spots so that her crib can be converted. Here is hoping to great success!
Kim, blogger and mom of 3.

Mary Lauren Weimer is a social worker turned mother turned writer. Her blog, My 3 Little Birds, encourages moms to put down the baby books for a moment and tell their own stories. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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Mary Lauren Weimer is a freelance writer and blogger. Her work has appeared in such places as Spirituality & Health and The Huffington Post, and she’s known for her thoughtful and introspective writing about all aspects of motherhood and the parent-child relationship.

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0 thoughts on “Potty Training Tips from the Experts: Moms!

  1. casey says:

    Potty training was pretty simple with my daughter. She is super smart and I just had to let her do it when she was ready. When she was about 2 and 1/2,nearly 3 she came to me and said mama I want to pee in the big potty. Diapers were done that day. She did wear pullups at night or for long car trips but that was it. She had a few accidents in the beginning,luckily always at home. We just got rid of the pullups at night and she’s 3. She hasn’t peed in one for about a month now but she was a little reluctant to let them go. We got a potty and panties when she was not quite 2 and we discussed the whole potty thing frequently but she always said no I don’t want to and I wasn’t going to force it. She tends to do things when she is ready and when she does it,she just does it. In the end,it’s much less of a headache to follow her lead when it comes to these things.

  2. Corey M says:

    This is what worked well for us. First off we introduced the potty to our child. talked about it and what it was for. Our child knew what it was for bu, was not ready for a long while. We never really pushed the issue with our son. About a month ago(our was was almost 4) he decided it was time to use the potty. One morning after a shower he was running around with no clothes on and felt the urge to go pee. He ran into he bathroom and almost made it to the potty in time. I took that as a big sign he was ready to be potty trained. For the next few days (3- 4 days) we stayed home or close to home. When we were home our son had no bottoms on. We kept a potty chair close by him at all times. He did very well peeing in the potty chair. We went straight to underwear. No training pants for our son. We did put a diaper on him for night time. Our son only had a few accidents at first in public. After about a week we started putting underwear and pants on him at all times. No more running around naked. When our son needed to go potty he would find the potty chair and go potty. We realized though our son was getting to attached tot he potty chair because he would not go to the bathroom in public or at preschool. So we took the potty chair away completely. Once our son realized the potty chair was not coming back he started using the big potty. We stop all liquids at 7 P.M. and he stays dry all night long. We don’t’ even put a diaper on him at night anymore. Our only battle left is, our son is still pooping in his underwear. Even though he is pooping in his underwear, it’ is much easier then changing a diaper.

  3. Corey M says:

    I agree!!!! You can not push a child to be ready for potty training. Every child will be potty trained at some point. There are some things that you can not force a child to do and potty training is one of them. I know changing a diaper on a 3 or even 4 yer old is frustrating but, your child will let you know when he or she is ready. My son went from wearing diapers to wearing underwear all in one day. It’s like a lgiht bulb just turned on in his mind and he got it. Our son was a 2 months shy of 4.

  4. S. Shook says:

    Wait til they are ready and NEVER use pull-ups! My little girl wet her pants (jeans) 2 times and hasn’t wet her pants again!

  5. Alicia says:

    Wow Corey not trying to be mean but you are the parent not Your little boy. Not being potty trained until he was four is pure lazy on the parents! Wether he liked the potty or not you could of still potty trained him by 2!! I’m surprised preschool even accepted him not being potty trained they usually don’t. And why would you have wanted to change his diapers with him being so big, especially in public!! Not to mention the money you could have saved for two years on all the diapers you bought. Not my baby but just saying…..

  6. Krista says:

    I know that they say you can’t force kids into potty training but we had a deadline (starting preschool). At 2.5 he was physically ready and could hold it for long periods. 5 months after starting we’re almost there. He even requested not to wear a diaper last night. But I had to make him sit down on the potty every 2 hours and there were definitely some tantrums (he actually has a great time once he’s on it and will read and play for up to a hour). I guess I feel like after 2.5 it should be a parent led process. It’s just another one of those things (like cleaning up after ourselves and brushing our teeth) that we have to do periodically throughout the day.

  7. Monica says:

    Ha, several of these people did the amazing my kid trained himself when he was ready. Well lucky lucky you. Not all kids will do that and you do have to encourage it. Believe me I’m going to be starting with child #4 in the next several months. I just finished with #3. Actually, he’s not done. He’s 4 1/2 and he still has accidents. He starts kindergarten in the fall. I haven’t even started training him at night. None of these “suggestions” worked and if I had waited until he wanted to do it, well I’d still be waiting. Believe me, he was almost 3 1/2 when I went to the underwear finally. How discouraging to see people say oh I didn’t do a thing. One day my kid woke up, put underwear on, and we never looked back or had a single accident. 3 kids potty trained here and it never happened that way. The prize on top of the refrigerator worked for my son. You can read all about my experiences with potty training here:

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