Quick Rundown of the Fever Guide


Mommas of sick babes, look no further!  Babble and its bloggers have put together a pretty amazing comprehensive guide to fevers.

I’ve been a seriously lucky momma with a very healthy kiddo – we have experienced “teething fevers” but he has only had one fever worth noting that I can remember and it was over in 24 hours.  He woke up one day, sluggish and later than normal.  Breakfast was unappetizing, his diaper was dry, he looked flush and felt warm.  A little medicine and lots of fluids and rest helped bring it down and the next day, he was chasing the pup around the backyard like normal.

However, I’m keeping the fever guide bookmarked and these are the articles to read closely:

Of course, my article on When To Call The Doctor.

Five Reasons Toddlers Get Fevers

Sick Day Solutions

and more!

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