Ringing In 2012 With My 20 Favorites From 2011!

What was your favorite post?

2011 was filled with a new family member, a toddler becoming a child and of course lots of wine… lots and lots of wine.

I joined Toddler Times in August of this year, and ever since then I have loved every moment being here. From writing about my own toddlers to current events, or just being an actual mom.

I took a day to look through all of my old posts and see which stood out the most to me, what were the most important, or just the most fun, and put them into a list.

All of the great posts are linked as well, so if you missed any of them you can totally go back and read!

Moms acting like toddlers…
Husbands acting like toddlers…
Toddlers just plain embarrassing us… you name it and I got it covered…

Oh and wine… lots and lots of wine!



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