Road Tripping with a Toddler and an Infant

Two kids on a six hour trip -- are we crazy?
Two kids on a six hour trip — are we crazy?

In order to get to South Carolina, we had to fly five hours from Seattle to Atlanta, and then drive 5+ hours from Georgia to the coast.  We had two full car loads headed east, and we decided that the easiest configuration would be to take Cullen along with his 11-week old cousin in one car, and the rest of our haul piled high in the other car.  My sister and law and I made sure the kiddos were buckled tight into their seats, crossed our fingers, and hit the road!

It was funny to see Cullen’s reaction to another baby being in the car.  They were both rear-facing, and we had a mirror in between them so we could see from the front seat, which also allowed them to see each other.  I don’t think Baby Hadley was able to see much of Cullen, but he was definitely able to see her, and he seemed really interested in her presence.  This gives me hope for our new arrival in October!  It also makes me realize how crowded a car with two car seats is, but that is a post for another day.

Our trip started out strong.  For the first few hours, Cullen happily played with his iPad while Hadley snoozed away (she is seriously the easiest baby I’ve ever met).  If our trip had been five hours as planned, it would have been smooth sailing.  But we hit traffic as we approached the island, which stretched our travel time an extra hour.  That one hour felt like ten.

Hadley fell apart and needed to be fed (which of course, I wasn’t able to do!) and Cullen melted down and desperately wanted out of his seat.  I ended up climbing into the backseat between the two car seats with my giant preggo belly in my lap, my legs sticking out over the front center console, and a stroller underneath me.  It was absolutely ridiculous, and despite the two miserable kiddos, Katie and I had to just laugh to get through it.

It was our first (and longest!) big roadtrip, and I’d still say overall it was a success.  More than anything, it definitely gave me a peek into what it will be like once we have a toddler and infant of our own in our backseat.  Looks like I’ll need to make sure I’m always loaded up on extra snacks, a variety of entertainment, and a healthy dose of patience.