Say It Ain't So - The Kid No Longer Takes Naps!


refuses to napSay it ain’t so – our 2 year old is trying to convince us that he wants to give up napping completely.

Up until 6 months ago, this kid was a CHAMPION sleeper, pulling in 2 times a day and a good long sleep at night. When he moved to 1 nap, we shrugged it as the natural progression of him growing up. So what in the world is he thinking not even going down once a day?

We have moved him back to a crib, after my husband’s attempt at moving him to a toddler bed. We’ve tried to setup a routine, that doesn’t help. And if he was getting a long sleep at night it wouldn’t be SOO bad…. but alas the dude only cares to sleep him 8 or so hours. He is cranky, looks tired – but just refuses to settle down and let his body rest.

I feel bad leaving him in his room for any significant amount or time. The room becomes a mad house – filled with laughter, screaming and bouncing. He goes NON-STOP – occasionally taking a short nap  (5 minutes) on the ground or in the car seat, but that doesn’t last. Before we can say, “HE’S ASLEEP!!” – he is awake.

Our other kids cut their nap time out around 4. I know each kid is different, but 2 just seems early — PLUS he looks and acts exhausted, but just refuses to stop to sleep. Hell, I’m 33 and still want a nap. (Keyword: WANT).

HELP! Any Words of Wisdom Appreciated! When Did Your Toddler Stop Napping?

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