Separate But Equal Vacations

Beach bums.

Last week I told you we were beach bound with two toddlers. It was supposed to be our summer vacation.   But, after spending all last week moving packing up and driving four hours with two kids and cramming in with the in-laws started to feel more like a job than a vacation and so I did something about it.

I decided not to go.

Yup. I sent Serge and Violet and kept Henry at home with me. I figured Serge has a better shot at actually having a nice time with Violet, who is three, and doesn’t require constant vigilance like the joyful maniac, Henry. But even though I was stuck at home with the high maintenance one it has been heaven. HEAVEN. I can’t even tell you the last time I had so much alone time. Henry is still napping twice a day for at least two hours. That’s four hours of Monica Time! I spent the entire day planting flower beds in our backyard and couldn’t believe how fast time flew by.

Henry woke up from his afternoon nap and I brought him outside to splash around in his little pool and run around naked with the dogs and before I knew it the sun was setting and it was nearly Henry’s bedtime. Serge called to tell me Violet’s day was chock full of collecting seashells and splashing in waves and even though I miss my girl I am content to know she is happy.

I instructed Serge to take as many photos or our girl at the beach as possible so I can create a little beach scrapbook for her when she gets home. Actually, with the new Wendy’s scrapbooking app I can kill two birds with one stone; create the scrapbook and then upload it to Facebook. If I’m feeling really crafty I can even get it printed. The reason I really dig the app is that you don’t have to upload a billion photos to Facebook as your “friends” quietly quit your feed, you can just make the scrapbook and upload only the one thing. Cool, right?

Is it wrong to secretly hope Serge decides to stay a few extra days at the beach?

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