Shopping With A Toddler (And A Baby!)

Henry makes himself at home in the dressing room at Old Navy.

Ever gone shopping with a toddler?  In case you haven’t I thought I would showcase what it’s like.  Let’s see, how can I describe this?  Okay!  I’ve got one!  Shopping with a toddler feels exactly the same way I imagine it would feel like to care for a drunk frat boy who also just took a hit of acid.


Those of you who don’t have children think I’m exaggerating, don’t you?  That’s cute.  But I’ve come prepared.  I have evidence. Cold, hard, irrefutable evidence in the form of video. Except you can’t really touch digital video so it isn’t really that cold and hard. But shut up! YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. 

Anyway, there are only three stores at which I shop for clothing.  Walmart, Target and Old Navy. That’s how I roll. I care not for your name brands. I prefer to spend my money on beer and pizza, which, I would hope we can all agree is vastly more important than clothing.

But! The three stores I mentioned actually have some pretty cool stuff. Oh, yeah. I should probably tell you this post is part of campaign here on Babble sponsored by Old Navy.  However, I’ve often written about Old Navy and only agreed to do the campaign because Old Navy was involved.  Old Navy has the most affordable yet stylish clothing around.  I wrote about my love for their XXXXXL clearance rack when I was pregnant and today I’d like to share with you what shopping with a toddler is like.

Old Navy is currently running a Kids And Baby Sale which, I don’t think I need to tell you means that stuff that is usually, like, $19.99 can be purchased for a song. You know how Old Navy rolls: 2 for 10 and all that good stuff. So I admit, I went a little nuts in there but with the changing of the seasons I need to stock up on warm clothes for Violet. Toddlers grow so fast you’ve got to buy new clothes every time the weather changes. That’s just how it is.

So I was on the lookout for some warm pants and shirts and maybe even a winter coat. I found that and more. Surprisingly, this trip went really well. I mean, aside from the stuff you’re about to see in the video I slapped together. In the interest of full disclosure I should tell you that I forgot to bring in our diaper bag so, after Violet shed her diaper and streaked through the dressing room, she spent the remaining 20 minutes diaperless while I perspired right through my underwear, fervently begging please kid, do not choose now for your afternoon constitutional and entertaining visions of dragging two unruly kids and a loose, stinky poop through a giant mall in the desperate search for a restroom.

Amazingly, she complied.

Violet also spilled her apple juice all over the dressing room floor and I only realized after I left that I forgot to ask for a paper towel so I could clean it up. I’m absolutely certain they think I let my kid piss all over the floor.

Here are a few things I noted for those of you interested in taking advantage of the sale:

Item: It’s hard buying clothes for a 2 1/2-year-old. 2T is either too small or just right while 3T is either way too large or just right, which makes for lots of trying on, as opposed to when your kid is smack on 2 or 3 and you can buy stuff without trying it on and means you can shop WITHOUT children which, you know, is pretty much heaven.

Item: If you forget the diaper bag just go back and get it. Even if you’re in a large mall and it’ll take a while.

Item: The Micro Performance Fleece-Lined Jeans for little girls are awesome. Who goes to Old Navy and doesn’t buy fleece? Lining cute jeans to keep little legs warm during the winter is genius. I bought two pair. Also? You should know Old Navy doesn’t even want me to review stuff or link to stuff or anything. They just said write fun stuff about shopping. That’s it. So the links? All me.

Item:  They’ve got great deals going on long-sleeved shirts.  Perfect for fall.  I think it’s something like 2 shirts for $10. $5 per shirt! That’s a thrift store price! You cannot go wrong. And they’re really cute. We got that one I linked to, you’ll see it in the video below. Actually, we purchased four.

Item:  If you buy a coat for anyone in your family anywhere besides Old Navy you’re insane.  They are always super cute and affordable. We got this one yesterday.  I didn’t even dare clap eyes on the women’s section for fear I would purchase four jackets and two coats.

Item: Thank God the dressing room was empty.

Item: Shout out to the gals at the Old Navy at the Logan Valley Mall in Altoona for being extremely attentive when I needed them and then managing to disappear so as not to further my embarrassment me when both kids began screaming and Violet took a notion to get naked and party.  Remember, drunk frat boy who just took a hit of acid.

Shopping with a toddler in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1:

This post is brought to you by Old Navy. Check out the Kids & Baby Sale in store with great deals starting at $5.

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