Sh*t Preschoolers Say (VIDEO)


“Sh*t Girls Say” is a hilarious internet meme that has spawned numerous copycats including “Sh*t Drunk Girls Say” and “Sh*t Gay Guys Say”.

Now there is officially a version parents can relate to called “Sh*t Preschoolers Say”. It was created by Brenna, who writes the blog Suburban Snapshots, and it features her three-year-old daughter Anna.

“Sh*t Preschoolers Say” perfectly captures everything from yelling “MOM!” on the potty to trying to get out of bedtime. The whining is constant and repetitive. Basically a public service announcement that things aren’t getting easier any time soon.

The silver lining is that a lot of the moments are staged which makes me very excited to one day have a kid who will actually be a willing participant in my videos.


Of course, now I’ve been inspired to create “Sh*t Toddlers Say”. Tonight I will be scouring my video files for moments when my two-year-old daughter screams “Mommy!”, “Again!”, “Up!”, “No!” and “I want ice cream!!!”

You know, all the stuff I usually edit out.

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