Sh*t Toddlers Say (VIDEO)


Last week I posted “Sh*t Preschoolers Say” and said I wanted to create “Sh*t Toddlers Say”. Then The Stir posted about a new site called “Sh*t Toddlers Say” where parents can share their toddlers’ thoughts (example: “I have a hole in my belly button!”) and basically challenged someone to create a video of the same name.

The pressure was officially on.

I spent all weekend filming. Since my daughter (who recently turned two) could not be prompted to say anything with any sort of believability, I kept the camera on her at all times to see what she would say on her own.

Luckily, toddlers are nothing if not repetitive and all her favorite sayings came tumbling out.

Joke aside,  the video is the most complete picture I could possibly have of my daughter at this moment in time. 

Whether I will look back on this period fondly or not, is still up in the air. But at the moment, I love my whining, demanding, naysaying little kid more than anything.


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