Snowboarding Toddler Hit the Slopes Before She Ever Started Walking or Talking (VIDEO)

Eden Grace Covaciu

There’s a joke about snowboarding:

What’s the difference between a beginning snowboarder and a snowboarding instructor?

Three days.

It’s not terribly hard to learn to snowboard. Learning to walk, on the other hand, can take months to master.

But while snowboarding might not be the rocket science of sporting skills, when you’re not even able to walk, strapping into a board and not falling down is still a major accomplishment.

For 23-month-old Eden Grace Covaciu, snowboarding is like second nature. According to her mom (via, she actually started hitting the slopes when she was just six weeks old.

“With snowboarding we always want to get on the first run, so we wake up at 5:30 and we get her out of bed. And as soon as we mention snow she’s all excited about it…and knows that she’s going to the mountains,” Sharon Covaciu said.

Here’s a video of little Eden in action:

Photo/video credit: YouTube

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