Snuggles When Sick


thankful for toddler snugglesToday, I’m thankful for snuggles when sick.  

Gone are the days of comfortably co-sleeping. No more waking up to a sweet face – now it’s more like waking up to sweaty toddler feet. Well, there is one exception…. when the toddlers are sick.

The last 2 weeks the lovely stomach bug has cycled it’s way thru all 6 of us in some form or fashion. It’s been just great – well actually it’s been a living hell, with 1 exception. The toddlers who are beyond the snuggly stage are all sweet and cuddly.

Sure I may have easily contracted some ickiness by holding my sweet overgrown babies all night and day while they were ill, but you know it is worth it.

I so hate seeing them sick. It hurts my heart, but knowing that they need their mama – well it’s a gentle reminder that there is a greater purpose for my job as Mom.

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