SPEAK! When Should We Worry?

I figured by the time Addie was getting ready to hit her second birthday in April she would be talking a mile a minute like her brothers were. Heck, they were both non-stop chit chatting from 18 months on.

But it seems as though she has other plans which don’t include more than babbling with the occasional mama or dada, or bayyyyyyyyyyybeeeeeee. Which has me worried. I am not sure if something is wrong, or if she has just gotten comfortable with her two older brothers taking the lead on communication for her.

She wants something and they get it for her. It is almost like they speak her little whiny language of mumbles. But for the rest of us? We are stressed and we can tell she is by the communication barrier.

It seems like she is getting upset by it too. Most of the time when we ask her to say something or try to sound out a word, she looks at us and then lets out her high pitched scream. Her typical method of communication that goes right through anyone in a one mile radius.

We have tried everything though. Seriously. We can sit and talk with her for hours, and you can tell she comprehends everything we say. “Addie, pick up your dolly” and she will walk over and pick up her baby. “Addison, please pick up your princess” and there she goes picking up all her Little People Princesses. “Addie can you play in your room?”  And she will walk down the hallway to her bedroom, plop down on the floor and pull out whatever toy interests her the most.

But she just isn’t in the mood to talk to us apparently.

I am torn over it all. I know she should be talking already. I know only having three words in her vocabulary at this age is a problem. I want her talking.

In the back of my mind, I know I will kick myself down the road when she turns into me as a little girl. You know, that little girl that follows you around for hours on end just talking to hear herself talk. Its genetic in my family. My Grandmother, my mother, me… and since she has taken most of the female traits from our side of the family, I am sure Addie will be the next in line.

I guess I just need a little encouragement that everything will be OK.

Addison goes for her next Pediatrician check up next week, and I know there will be a recommendation for therapy through a program our middle son went through for his motor skills at her age. Which in turn makes me feel like I failed two out of my three children.

I know it isn’t the truth, but as mothers we are all very hard on ourselves. I know I am not the only way to feel this way when one of our children falls behind in what others consider to be normal right?

Here is to hoping 2013 will mean Addie starts chatting up a storm!



Article Posted 3 years Ago
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