Spring Fun - Get on the Level of Your Toddler!

Get on their level!

One of the best parts of parenting a toddler is getting to get down on their level to play. I think this is where some parents today are hitting a snag though.

Toddlers aren’t just little monsters that tear apart your house and occasionally poop on the floor, or more than occasionally in potty training season. They are little people whose minds you are shaping for a lifetime.

They are learning from your every word and move. They are being taught by the example you are putting together for them on a daily basis. They are these little sponges.

Impressionable sponges!

Now that spring time is here there are so many great outdoor activities you can be doing with your toddler. Not just showing them, watching them, or leading them… but getting down on their level and doing it right along with them!

Have you ever gotten on the swings with your toddler and seen the look on their face?  Or what about sat on their tricycle and pedaled it around a bit. It is downright magical! Playing with them on their own level is just one of those moments these toddlers will actually remember for the rest of their lives.

In honor of a fun couple weeks we have been having in my house, I put together a bunch of stuff our toddlers love doing with us.

  • On the Playground 1 of 9
    On the Playground
    When you are out on the playground... play WITH them, don't just watch them. You may be sore the next day from flying down the slide or pumping on the swings, but they will love it!
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Build a Fort! 2 of 9
    Build a Fort!
    Remember when you were a kid how you loved building couch forts in the living room? Start your toddler out young! Hang some sheets up, pull all the cushions off the couch and have a ball! When you climb in there with them they will absolutely love it!
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Work in the Garden 3 of 9
    Work in the Garden
    Have a garden? Have your toddler pick out a flower and plant it together. Over the warmer months, have them help you tend to the garden. Water their flower, weed around it, have them help you. They will feel a huge sense of pride from doing the important job of caring for the plant!
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Jump in Puddles! 4 of 9
    Jump in Puddles!
    We always tell our kids to avoid the puddles. Don't walk in them, don't get your feet wet or shoes dirty... but sometimes, just sometimes those puddles are begging us all to just JUMP right in them. Go ahead! Re-live your own toddlerhood with your toddler and jump in those puddles!
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Treasure Hunt! 5 of 9
    Treasure Hunt!
    Have a treasure hunt. Of course you will need to plan a little bit and hide the buried treasure before hand, but get down on their level and play along as they look to find it! Make it a group project!
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Play Tag! 6 of 9
    Play Tag!
    What kid doesn't love to play tag? Get down on their level and play some good old tag in the back yard... or the park! But be sure to let them win, be fair they are only a toddler!
    Photo Credit: MorgueFile
  • Catch Bugs 7 of 9
    Catch Bugs
    Do you hate bugs? Yeah, I do too... I am completely grossed out by them. But my toddler boy loves bugs. When we spent the day in the yard collecting them and putting them in a little bug house, he loved it. Even if I was scared of them!
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Water Play Time! 8 of 9
    Water Play Time!
    Ever see a toddler laugh hysterically when you get inside their toddler pool that they can barely fit into? It is priceless. Give it a try!
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Chalk Drawings! 9 of 9
    Chalk Drawings!
    Go ahead... lay down on the pavement and let your toddler draw you! Then you can do the same to them! Have them decorate you like they see you in real life! Not only is it a great outdoor activity but it is also a create creative art project!
    Photo Credit: Flickr

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