Stuck In the Middle With You: A Bit of An Identity Crisis


Stuck In the Middle With You: Baby or Toddler?Lately I have felt a bit confused and like I’m having a bit of an identity crisis. Only the identity that I’m in crisis over isn’t my own, but my baby’s…I mean, my toddler’s…I mean…

You see, I just “moved” over to Babble Toddler from Babble Baby. I had gotten used to writing about all things baby and suddenly now, from one day to the next, I became the mom of a toddler? I still feel like Fern is such a “baby” in so many ways, but then she’ll do something that’s completely “toddler-esque.” I don’t know what to think. Fern could care less and is quite obviously not experiencing these same feelings, so why am I having such a hard time with it?

Maybe it’s because I write about her and about motherhood all the time and having a “baby” is something that had become such a big part of my identity. I feel like having a toddler will somehow make me a totally different person – like I’ll have to make new toddler mom friends who I can relate to and do things completely differently and that I’ll no longer be a part of the “Moms With Babies” club. When I stop to think about this rationally for two seconds, I realize that none of this is true and/or matters, but I can’t help thinking it anyway. I don’t even know how to phrase things anymore – like I can’t say “baby” anymore when I’m writing about Fern or our stories. It just feels weird.

I’m sure it’ll get better, but right now I feel stuck in the middle between baby and toddler.

Did any of you ever experience this or am I just crazy?

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