Super Cute Underwear For Toddler Girls


Potty training is upon us in my household and while I haven’t been quite brave enough to take the plunge just yet, I have equipped myself with some really ridiculously adorable underwear for the task. Who knew underwear for toddlers could be so cute? I was under the impression that all kids underwear came emblazoned with licensed characters, but apparently I was wrong. There are a ton of great unders out there with fun prints and colors that will appeal to little ones just as much as those characters! Here are a few of my favorites…


  • Little Fox Underwear 1 of 11
    Super Cute Underwear For Toddler Girls

    So far, we've only tried underwear on a couple of occasions over the top of a diaper. My daughter really likes these little fox underwear and regularly requests that I put them over her diaper. I figured it was a good way to get her used to the idea. The cotton on these is really great, too!

    Purchase for $7.20 from Carter's


  • 7-Pack Patterned Underwear 2 of 11
    Super Cute Underwear For Toddler Girls

    I love that they come in a big pack because Lord knows we're going to needs a lot of underwear. I also like the simple patterns on these and the fact that they're the same soft cotton as the other Carter's underwear we already have.

    Purchase for $14.40 from Carter's


  • 7-Pack Animal Briefs Set 3 of 11
    Super Cute Underwear For Toddler Girls

    I'm pretty sure my daughter would flip out over these underwear. She's obsessed with all things that are pink, polka-dotted or have anything to do with animals. Truth be told, I wouldn't mind having these in adult size.

    Purchase for $14.95 from H&M


  • Training Unders in Organic Cotton 4 of 11
    Super Cute Underwear For Toddler Girls

    I'll admit, these unders are a bit "louder" than what I typically might choose, but kids love bright colors and fun prints and I'd pick crazy prints over glittery character underwear any day. We have the solid color version of these from Hanna Andersson (they didn't have prints in my daughter's size) after hearing from a friend that they were the best for potty training. They've got a thick inner lining that's perfect for catching those tiny accidents. 

    Purchase for $28.00 from Hanna Andersson


  • Days-of-the-Week Animal Underwear 7-Pack 5 of 11
    Super Cute Underwear For Toddler Girls

    Owning day-of-the-week underwear is pretty much every little girl's rite of passage into childhood. These ones are super cute!

    Purchase for $24.95 from Gap


  • 5-Pack Briefts 6 of 11
    Super Cute Underwear For Toddler Girls

    Sweet and simple briefs from H&M in fun colors and classic polka dots.

    Purchase for $6.95 from H&M


  • 3-Pack Boxer Briefs 7 of 11
    Super Cute Underwear For Toddler Girls

    I'm not actually completely sure how comfortable boxer briefs would be on a little girl, but these look long enough that they wouldn't ride up and I think they're totally adorable.

    Purchase for $9.95 from H&M

  • Dot Underwear 3-Pack 8 of 11
    Super Cute Underwear For Toddler Girls

    Gap underwear may be a bit pricey, but they're seriously the cutest and so well made. I love that the bands are soft and comfortable for kiddos, too.

    Purchase for $14.95 from Gap


  • Feather Underwear 9 of 11
    Super Cute Underwear For Toddler Girls

    I recently went into Crazy 8 when they had a massive sale and got a ton of these single underwear for my daughter. They usually have really good sales and fun patterns.

    Purchase for $1.99 from Crazy 8


  • Flower Underwear 10 of 11
    Super Cute Underwear For Toddler Girls

    These floral underwear were one of the pairs I got my daughter and for $0.99? You can't beat that!

    Purchase for $0.99 from Crazy 8


  • Variety Pack Hanes Tagless Hipster Underwear 11 of 11
    Super Cute Underwear For Toddler Girls

    We have this set of Hanes underwear and they're great. Hanes are underwear classics and I like that the hipster ones don't go up super high, but aren't too low rise for little girls either. The colors and prints are fun (the whales are my favorite) and the price is great for stocking up!

    Purchase for $7.00 from Hanes


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