Terrible Threes are the New Terrible Twos


I love toddlers.

Toddlers? You give them a kiss & sure, there’s a 50% chance you’re going to get smacked in the face, but there’s also a 50% chance that he’ll lean in & slobber all over your cheek in love.

But lately I have been overwhelmed by this age of being almost three years old and the discipline and potty training and the “NOs!” shouted on a regular basis (by him, not me).  Of wondering if I’m too harsh or too lenient and I’m just not sure if I’m doing any of this right.

But then he curls into my lap for a book at night or gives me an impromptu hug and I think we’re doing okay, after all.

Anyone else going through a love/hate relationship with this stage of toddlerhood?

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