Thankful for Sleep


thankful for sleepWhen Zeke was 5 months old, Izaiah was 21 months. At that time both were champion sleepers. For 3 months our house had a normal(ish) sleep schedule. The boys napped and would actually go to sleep at night. Oh how those few months were OH SO WONDERFUL. Then Izaiah turned 2.

Since his birthday, life has become uhmm…. interesting. While Zeke would love to sleep – Izaiah won’t let him. Since he is up, EVERYONE should be up. With out current living situation (we’re in-between homes) – when Izaiah is up, Zeke is up (not by his choice!).

Naps are a nightmare, unless he is in the car seat. Bedtime at night, yeah about that not fun. I know this is a stage (crossing fingers) and someday life and sleep will return to normal. But today, SLEEP I am thankful for you.

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