The 1 Essential Item for Surviving Winter with a Toddler

Photo credit: Meredith Carroll
Bundling up can be a contentious activity

Winter brings more than snow and cold weather. It also delivers daily battles when parents attempt to stuff toddlers into all their winter gear — hats, boots, snow pants, snow jackets, mittens, scarves. Most toddlers will fight (kick, scream, cry) getting into their gear like they’re fighting off an attacker.

We live in Colorado and this will be Peony’s second winter. Last winter was a breeze, as she didn’t have a say and couldn’t move much, so bundling her wasn’t much of an issue.

This year, winter has come early, with a foot of snow already blanketing our backyard. Peony likes to go outside, but she doesn’t like dressing the part. Likewise, I don’t like dressing her for the part. I can think of countless other ways I’d rather spend my time than trying to stuff a 20-pound toddler into 90-pounds of warm clothes while she’s screaming as if I’m plucking out her eyelashes one by one.

But there’s one thing she has that will keep her warm this winter, that also keeps me warm inside — and it makes the bundling battles all worth it. Take a look:

Photo credit: Meredith Carroll
This sight of this hat will keep me (and, you know, Peony) warm all winter

Photo credits: Meredith Carroll

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