The 4am Bedroom Invader


In the two plus years I’ve been a mom, I’ve heard from lots of other parents that their kids sleep in bed with them. I thought those parents were CRAZY.

First of all, I didn’t understand how bedtime went down. Did they put the kids to sleep in their bed first and then join them later? Or did they all go to bed at once? And how does one fall asleep to re-runs of Seinfeld in either of these scenarios?

Secondly, I didn’t understand when, why or how this started. Was it something instituted at birth on purpose? Or did it just develop over time despite best efforts to keep the bed kid-free?

And thirdly, doesn’t having kids in your bed rule out all opportunities for sex pretty much ever? And shouldn’t that be at least a little bit important to the two adults involved in this arrangement?

Never in a million years did I imagine I would join the myriad of parents who welcome little creatures into their bedrooms, to steal their covers, pillows, and their sexy time.

But about two months ago, we moved Mazzy into a big girl bed and everything we took to know as true evaporated overnight. Our perfect sleeper? No more. Our efficient bedtime routine? Out the window. Our marital bed meant for two? Completely vanished.

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