The 7 Most Frustrating Things About Being a Working Mom


Just yesterday I emailed my Babble Editors practically in tears that I had nothing left to give.  I feel uninspired and I’m not a “top ten crafts to do with your kid” kind of blogger and I’m crunched for time between home and my 9-5 job.  Here’s the secret about blogging – the more you do it, the easier it is.  The more time you have to enjoy inspiration, the more inspired you feel.  So take away time?  A blogger is left with nothing but a wine glass and no motivation.

Well, this blogger at least.

And my editors were like, “DUDE, WRITE THAT” because I know I’m not alone.  While I may be the only Toddler Times blogger with a job outside of the home (I think?!), I am not the only Toddler Times reader with a job outside of the home.

So here’s what’s eating at my brain and time and why I just can’t seem to get my sh*t together lately:

  • Drop-off is getting to me 1 of 7
    Drop-off is getting to me
    He screams and cries every morning and it wears me down, even though he is all smiles throughout the day. So frustrating to walk away from an unhappy toddler every morning.
  • I’m indoors all day 2 of 7
    I'm indoors all day
    It's gorgeous outside, I love fall, and yet I watch it from behind a glass. Pretty soon I'll be going into work when the sun comes up and not coming out until it's dark again.
  • I can’t remember the last time I peed alone 3 of 7
    I can't remember the last time I peed alone
    I hear this from stay at home moms all the time and I'm like, "I HEAR YOU," because I cannot remember the last time I used the facilities alone. Or that someone respected my throat-clearing silence in the bathroom as a "Hey, I'm doing business here. Please come back later."
  • I look like a hobo 4 of 7
    I look like a hobo
    I'm tired, I'm stressed, my kid is sick, so I will be damned if I iron things. Which means half of my closet goes unworn while I'm in jeans and a cardigan once again.
  • I’m isolated 5 of 7
    I'm isolated
    Email is basically the only way to get in touch with me.
  • My kid keeps getting sick 6 of 7
    My kid keeps getting sick
    Hand, foot, mouth disease. Sinus infection. Pneumonia. So begins our first winter in daycare.
  • I can’t remember the last time I felt inspired 7 of 7
    I can't remember the last time I felt inspired
    Between the go-go-go and exhaustion and stress, I can't remember the last time I was able to brainstorm and draw and tap into the part of me that loves to spill words.
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::whew::  Honestly, I feel better just writing it out because now I feel like I can tackle it head-on.  Does anyone else feel this way??  What are you struggling with lately as a momma?


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