The 8 Lies That Toddlers Tell On A Regular Basis

Does anyone else out there have a toddler who is a habitual liar?  I mean, there are days when I wonder if anything that comes out of my son’s mouth is true.  It seems everything he says is a big fat lie.

Now, I’m not sure he does it on purpose. I mean, he’s only two years old. So, I can’t really get mad about it. And look at that sweet, sweet face – how could anything purposefully deceitful come out of him?

But, sometimes I do get a little annoyed by it. And I have to wonder, when he will start telling the truth.

Here are the 8 worst lies that my toddler tells me almost everyday:

1. Me not tired!

As he’s rubbing his eyes, and yawning and crying because he is so tired. As soon as I sit down and rock him, his head hits the pillow and he is out like a light.  Why do kids fight against sleep so much?  How many times am I so tired that I wish I could sleep, but have too much to do?  Don’t fight it! Just go to sleep!

2. Me not poopy!

Without fail, every time I ask him if he has pooped or if he has a poppy diaper, the answer is no.  And sometimes the opposite is obviously, painfully, true.  I can smell you all the way across the room, buddy. There is no way that you are not poopy!

3. Me all done!

He says this when there’s something else that is vying for his attention and he’s eating. He always wants to get down and be a part of it. I’ve learned not to waste his leftover food by throwing it away. I keep it for when he inevitably asks for more food. A few minutes later.

4. No have go potty!

We are starting to get my son acquainted with the potty, and often, when changing his diaper, I’ll ask him if he wants to go potty.  He says no, he doesn’t have to go, so I’ll set him down and let him run around naked for a bit.  I suppose it’s my fault then, when he pees all over everything a minute later. I shouldn’t let him run around uncovered without making him sit on the potty first.  But, he told me he didn’t have to go!

5. Me have go potty!

I don’t know how he learned this one already, but sometimes when we’re getting ready for bed at night, after he already has his diaper and pjs on, and he’s trying to resist sleep (see #1), he’ll tell me that he has to go potty, just to try to delay bedtime even more.  It’s hard when he says he has to go, because when you’re trying to potty train the kid. How can you say no when they tell you they have to go?

6. Me pooped!

To go along with the previous one, sometimes my son will instead tell me that he pooped, so that I’ll have to take him and check or change his diaper. Again, this is all to avoid going to sleep.  He’s like the boy who cried wolf – except with poop!  How am I ever supposed to believe him?

7. Me no hit!

My kids are champion fighters, and my son is a hitter. Sometimes it’s for no reason and sometimes he’s just hitting his sister back.  But either way, he’ll deny that he hit her at all, even if I was standing right there watching.

8. Me had it first!

It’s the classic toddler line isn’t it?  Granted, sometimes it is. He really did have a toy first and someone took it away.  But it can also mean, “I had that toy 10 minutes ago and even though I haven’t been playing with it for the past 9 minutes, I still had it first!”  Or even, “I intended to have that toy before they started playing with it!” Take your pick!

What are some of the worst lies that your toddler tells?

Toddler Language Development: When “use your words” is bad advice

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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